Montana Kaimin: For The Bees

Yesterday I got an assignment to shoot a beekeeper. I was pretty fuzzy on the details, but she works with the university studying/taking care of bees. The university uses bees for a bunch of things, but they're probably most well known for training honey bees to seek out explosives, and using them to find hidden land mines and bombs. When we first got there, the beekeepers told my friend to take off her sun glasses because the bees "hate the color black," I held up my all black camera and all black lens and asked "you mean, this color?"

Yeah, that color. Luckily no one got stung, but I think having bees land all over me helped cure my fear of bees.

Anyway, I got to take some portraits of her, before she moves to Oregon in a few days. Check out the story on the Montana Kaimin