Montana Kaimin: This Week's Work

This week I got to shoot some fun assignments. First, on Friday, I shot Bryce Bennett, who just won the Montana House District 93 seat. He was campaigning with Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer, and the Governors dog Jag.

Yesterday I was assigned to shoot Jason Christ, owner and creator of the Montana Caregivers Network. Jason is a big proponent of Medical Marijuana, and seems to be a magnet for legal trouble. He went to court today, but I'm not sure how to word it, so I'll link to the story tomorrow when it's online.

Jason Christ reads over court documents served to him while sitting in his car outside his office Wednesday afternoon.

This was the first time I had ever hear the words "you've been served" in real life. Apparently it was for Jason too, as later he commented, I've heard people doing that in movies, I wondered when it would happen to me.

Jason Christ sits in his car Wednesday afternoon talking with his legal counsel regarding his upcoming hearing.

The last, and probably my favorite assignment I'm gonna post, was a portrait of songer/songwriter Darah Fogarty. Darah is a UM student, majoring in Entertainment Management. One of her classes is called Artist Development, where the whole class works together to build and promote Darah as an artist. Today in class they went over plans for shows she's preforming, they discussed auditions for a backing band, her outfit for her next show, and the details about recording her upcoming EP. I took some portraits of her, and Shawna Putnam another student in the class who's acting as promotions/marketing manager for the class.