Fashion Photography: Outdoor & Urban/Street

This weekend I shot 2 more assignments for my fashion class. The first, Outdoor, we had to shoot two different outfits, one that was made for outdoors, and another one. Both had to be shot outside, so there was no falling back on my studio comfort for this one. Here are those shots. First is Josh Potter in some clothes for winter/ice climbing, and then Lizzy Duffy in a Columbia Sportswear down jacket.

The second assignment I shot this weekend was Urban/Street. We had to shoot something (again on location) that was urban/street. I was a little unclear on the boundaries of the shoot, but I took inspiration from Debbie Harry (of Blondie fame.) This shoot also featured Lizzy Duffy, in the most Debbie Harry-esque outfit she had. I really like the first shot a lot.

Here you go: