Fashion Photography: Jeans, Backyard, Diptych

So, three assignments since I last updated. The week is over, at least for shooting (too bad it starts again tomorrow.) The first assignment was jeans, the photos were suposed convey a theme, which I think they sort of did? I dunno, is black background a theme?

Anyway, I'm tired and have to work on a video project, so I'm going to stop blabbering. Here you go, the first 4 are the ones I turned in:

Here are some extras:

The next assignment was to shoot in your backyard (if you have one.) If you didn't have a backyard you were given the option of couch or night. Since I have a backyard, I got Piper to stand in the bitter cold for me. It was a blast until my fingers stopped working.

The assignment I shot today was diptych, I've done quite a few of these before, I often use them as a sneaky way to get around image limits; "Oh we can only turn in 5 pictures? How about 10 pictures, in 5 files! TAKE THAT!" Sorry, I'm tired. Here ya go!