Fashion Photography: Final Update

Today was the last day of my fashion photography class, it was probably my favorite class I've taken at the jschool, fun people, great images, awesome assignments, and a great professor. It was a lot of fun, and It pushed me to shoot a LOT. Special thanks to Sarah Bennett, Kelsey Griep, Piper Haugan, Lizzy Duffy, Heidi Groover, Josh Potter, Max Hardy, Chance Petek and Justin Franz for putting up with me and standing in front of my camera!

My last three assignments were Vintage, Model Portfolio, and a final concept project of 7-10ish images.


Model Portfolio: For this assignment we had to shoot and design a comp card for someone. A comp card is basically a collection of images and stats for a model to send out when looking for jobs/agencies. I decided to shoot my roommate Max because he would like to get into modeling, and i figured I could help him out.

Final Portfolio: For my final project I shot Sarah Bennett all around the University Theater. Huge thanks to everyone at the theater and Sarah for putting up with me!

Thanks again for looking!