Winter Portraits

EDIT: New photos added 1/9/11 Scroll down to find them! So after reading a post on Strobist about how to make a makeshift ringlight out of an umbrella, I decided to try it out. It's great if you only have one light and limited space, still not sure how much I like it, but it's a good trick to have in the bag. Here's my mom and her friend Claire, I'm hoping to get more just like this over the rest of the break.

EDIT:  I shot some more photos today of my little (in birth order only) brother Clay, and my friend Kealey.

Stay tuned, hopefully more photos to come over the next week.

EDIT AGAIN:  More photos.  Today I shot my good friend Drew Taylor.  No guns.

Here's my friend Nick, he only gets one shot because my flash batteries died.  Amateur hour.

EDIT: I'm back in Missoula now, and have been taking a Fashion Photography class, but I'm also trying to keep up the "Winter Portrait" series. I've been using my roommate Max's room, which has these great yellow walls. Here are a few more of my friend Hannah Spry and my roommate Justin Franz. As well of one of me and Hannah.

AND NOW, the photographer, as shot by Drew Taylor.

Food Assignment

For my food assignment for class, I decided to examine some common fruits and veggies on the inside and out.  I shot each item, in full view, and then sliced it open, and looked at the insides. The line widths got messed up when i was compositing them, so they look kind of funny. Sorry!


So for my fashion assignment for class, I started with my roommate who loves to dress up. My original idea was to do different types of men's winter fashion. That morphed into men's business formal/business casual vs. men's casual. After taking the pictures for that, I decided I didn't really like the plain casual, I was just taking photos of people in their everyday clothing, and that wasn't as fun. I called up another friend and asked her if she could get together some women's business formal/business casual, and I ended up doing men's vs. women's biz formal/biz casual. (Also my roommate really likes his underwear and wanted some photos of him in them, so I shot that for him and felt like it fit into my project so beware, there are some underwear shots in here.) These are the final images I'll be turning in on Tuesday, and I'll also post some of the outtakes, there were a lot of good shots.