Shannon Söderlund

A few years ago I went to New York City to photograph Shannon Söderlund and her band for a few days. They wanted to do another photo session and this time they came to Minneapolis and we got to spend a day shooting some updated photos of Shannon and her husband and bandmate Andrew.


Be sure to check out her music and if you're in NYC catch them at a show!

Thanks for looking!

Basement Portraits

Sometimes inspiration strikes at random times. I got home from work the other day and asked my roommate Joel if I could shoot some portraits of him, I had some studio set-ups I wanted to test out. I recently got one of the VSCO Film packs and wanted to play with that as well, so all of these photos with the exception of the first self portrait were edited with that.

I had shot this of myself a few weeks ago and wanted to try a similar set up on another person.

I set up a simple two light set-up with a beauty dish on a boom and a 2x3 softbox for fill.

My idea behind this was that if I were shooting Joel, a musician, for a magazine how would I do it. I got a tight head shot for a cover, and something that could be ran as a double truck as the lead photo.

After shooting the headshot I wanted something with a little more enviornment in it. I had gotten a few of Joel sitting on an amp against a solid background but I felt like those didn't fit what I wanted. We moved to their band's recording space and I had Joel sit at his keyboard. I like the look of this and after much tweaking of the lighting, I got what I was looking for. There is a beauty dish camera right and a gridded strobe firing onto a bounce card camera left.

My cousin/housemate Patrick had come home during the shoot as well as I wanted to grab some shots of him. These were a little more fashion inspired, and again I was playing with the VSCO filters as well as shooting wide and including my set in the photos.

Thanks so much to Joel and Patrick for letting me photograph them! You can check out Joel's band Perfect Families here. The shot of Joel at the piano was partially inspired by the photos Hayley Young shot for Seattle Magazine this fall for The 50 Bands Rocking Seattle Music Right Now.

As always, thanks for looking!

Here's a self portrait I shot while testing the lights/texting.