Montana Kaimin: Belegarth

So as I mentioned yesterday, today we shot some Belegarth. Belegarth is a live action role play community. The best way to describe it is to look at the pictures. And read the story on the Montana Kaimin website. *edit: Link now links directly to the story!

Here are a few photos from today, as well as a studio shot from yesterday.

- Steel Brooks

Montana Kaimin: Dancers

Todays assignment, at the last second (and by last second I mean I got the assignment with about half an hour before it was over) was to shoot the Trey McIntyre Project rehearsing for their celebration of Glacier National Park and it's 100th birthday. The contemporary ballet company preformed three pieces, one dedicated to the park, one a contemporary love story, and one was apparently about a pig being eaten for breakfast. I'm 99% sure that they were practicing the love story while I was there, but it was pretty hard to tell without costumes or sets. Anyway, here are a few of my (and my editors) favorite shots.

Also here is a sneak peek of what will come tomorrow night!

Thanks again, I promise I'll try to keep this thing updated! And hopefully no more posts that are made up of a months worth of work. But you never know.

Montana Kaimin: Concerts

Our new Arts + Culture editor this semester, Josh Potter, has been doing a really good job of getting the Kaimin into shows, and getting photo passes and such. So far I've been sent to cover Robert Earl Keen, John Mellencamp, Cloud Cult, Atmosphere, and the Missoula Symphony Orchestra. Here are some of the photos!

Country singer Robert Earl Keen looks out the window of his tour bus in downtown Missoula on Saturday night. Keen was in town to perform at the River City Roots Festival.

Robert Earl Keen waits backstage before performing at the River City Roots Festival in downtown Missoula on Saturday night. Keen is in town promoting his new album “Rose Hotel.”

Robert Earl Keen walks on stage at the River City Roots Festival. Keen is promoting his new album “Rose Hotel.”

Marty Muse, steel guitarist for Robert Earl Keen, performs at the River City Roots Festival on Saturday night. The band is on tour promoting their new album “Rose Hotel.”

Country singer Robert Earl Keen performs at the River City Roots Festival in Missoula on Saturday night. Keen is promoting his new album “Rose Hotel.”

The Infamous Stringdusters perform at the River City Roots Festival on Saturday night. The festival is a free annual music and arts festival in downtown Misosula.

John Mellencamp and his band perform at Ogren Park at Allegiance Field on Tuesday night. Mellencamp was on tour opening for Bob Dylan.

Cloud Cult performs at the Top Hat Wednesday night. Cloud Cult was formed in 1995 and is on a short 2 week tour promoting their new album Light Chasers.

Slug of Minnesota based rap group Atmosphere hypes up the crowd at the Wilma Theater in Missoula on Thursday night. Atmosphere will play another show in Missoula tonight, as part of their “All My Friends” tour.

Conductor Darko Butorac quiets the orchestra Thursday night. The orchestra is preparing to open it’s 56th season on Saturday.

Darko Butorac, conductor of the Missoula Symphony Orchestra, directs the orchestra during rehearsal Thursday night. The orchestra will be performing pieces by Ravel, Shostakovich, Corigliano and Mozart Saturday at the University Theater.

That's all for the music post.

*Note, the reason most of these are in black and white is not because I'm trying to be artsy, but because lighting at concerts generally sucks to shoot, and at midnight, I'm not really in the mood to try my patience with my lacking color balance skills. Obviously this is something I should get better at, but I have one more blog post for tonight, and a presentation to put together.

Montana Kaimin Work, Fall 2010

So, as some of you know, this blog has been lacking pretty much since the day I decided to start it up. Yesterday was the first time I posted since April (I think). I've accumulated some work in the last month as a staff photographer for the Montana Kaimin and am really going to try to keep it up. In case I don't you can always check out our photo blog. So here are some of the shots from the semester so far, and a concert specific post will follow.ALL PHOTOGRAPHS © STEEL BROOKS 2010

UM President George Dennison delivers what will likely be his last State of the University address on Friday, August 27, 2010. Dennison announced his retirement in January, with the expected date of retirement August 15, but the search for a replacement has taken longer than anticipated.

ASUM Senators Katie Spika (left) and Alison Wren (right) get sworn in by Dean of Students Charles Couture on Wednesday night. The senate met for the first time since May, and spent a lot of time discussing diversity and plans for the new year.

Jody Ground discusses, with students, the logistics of the Native American student Learning Community he’s teaching this year. The class operates like a FIG and is in it’s trial year, the school hopes to turn it into an Living Learning Community.

Bicyclists ride down the new bike path on Higgins Ave. on Wednesday. The new path puts the bicyclists between the sidewalk and the parked cars, keeping them out of the way of the Higgins traffic.

Randy Schmill, 53, and Josiah Pratt, 24, work on a measuring exercise in their carpentry class at the College of Technology; Schmill worked at the Smurfit-Stone mill in Frenchtown for 15 years before he was laid off, and returned to school to try and launch a carpentry career. Pratt’s father also worked at the mill and worked with some of Josiah’s classmates.

Dan Savage, editorial director and sex columnist for the Seattle weekly The Stranger, hosts a live version of his column "Savage Love" in the University Theater Friday night. Savage took audience questions regarding sex and relationships, and talked briefly about his books, before signing autographs for fans in the lobby.

Chooi Ying Sim Stands next to her door in Turner Hall that she decorated as part of a homecoming contest. The theme of this year is “We Are The World” and Sim, an international student, thought it was welcoming and appropriate.

Kaimin sports reporter AJ Mazzolini attempts to block penalty kicks from the Lady Griz soccer team. Mazzolini was able to block one of the five kicks, but never managed to make one past the Griz keepers.

Drew Larson, promotions director for KBGA campus radio, spent over 200 hours working to put together tonight’s KBGA Birthday Bash. The bash will feature both local and out-of-state bands, and will take place in the Palace and the Badlander.

University Police Officer Thomas “TJ” Johnson brings a bike into the building where the bike auction takes place today. All bikes start at five dollars and bidding ends at noon.

Concert post up next, but you'll probably look at that one before you even read this...