Steel Brooks - Photo Assistant

Hello! My name is Steel Brooks and I want to be your photo assistant.

If that wasn't enough to convince you, here's some more info about me: 

I have a background in photojournalism and commercial video production, and have worked on a large variety of projects that give me a varied skill set. I've worked with photographers including: David Bowman, Ackerman + Gruber, Shelly Mosman, Steve NiedorfRoo Way, Lucy Hewitt,  Nate Ryan, Daniel Berman, John Keatley, Craig Mitchelldyer and Annie Leibovitz.


I'm fun to be around, have a sense of humor and won't freak out when things get rocky. Which they won't because you've hired me to make sure of that.

I know Nikon and Canon camera systems and am a quick learner when it comes to new systems. After all the basics never change.

I'm familiar with most modern lighting systems, if you still use flash bulbs it might take me a little longer to get up to speed.

I understand the basic concepts of hygiene, professional interaction and set etiquette. I won't try to steal your clients or schmooze with your talent. That said I am friendly and engaging and will try to make them feel comfortable on set. Unless you tell me not to in which case I won't.

I always have a multi-tool on hand.

I'm a good driving partner, I don't sing along to the radio, and I won't make you wish you had left me in the city if we travel together.

I'm a licensed and insured driver, I can drive manual and automatic transmission vehicles.

I have a multiple years of experience working in video production alongside still photography and can bring an extra layer of skills to set with me. I've worked on large and small crews and know the difference between being a first assistant and being a third.


I ask a lot of questions, everyone does things differently and I don't want to assume I know your preferences.

If there's a dog on set I might get distracted.

I don't have a passport so if you need someone for a job in Canada just fold me into a Pelican case.





Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, Premiere
Basic Capture One tethering.

Extensive Nikon and Canon experience, as well as a basic familiarity with Fuji camera systems.
Experience with a variety of Profoto, Dynalite, and Speedotron units.
Well versed in most common lighting modifiers and grip equipment, and know the right way to face a c-stand arm.


For more information or to check my availability, please email me at or call/text (503) 380-2890.